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Sandra Benson
6214 North Royal Drive
Spokane, WA 99208

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Adam says:
WARNING: DO NOT CHOOSE THIS COMPANY TO APPRAISE YOUR HOME!!! (see why below)... Jennifer came out to appraise my home on 1-4-16. We finally got the appraisal back 1-19-16. This is after repeated delay (documented), errors / mismatching info (documented), misquoted completion dates again and again (documented) and so on. This delay was so much longer than even the loan company was told, that they had to extend this process and delay closing clear past what we had all originally planned. Furthermore, the home was appraised for WAY less than even the city has assessed it (without them knowing I've since finished 1/2 of my 2300sqft basement). My house is 5500sqft. She appraised it for less than a house that's 3000sqft just down the street going for $20k less that's on smaller land, is older, etc. The logic here makes zero sense, and not worth the risk if you're putting your home on the market and want to get a legitimate value for it. Now, I know that a lot of people are quick to just write negative reviews about companies out there. However, in this situation, I've got full documentation of everything. I'll even share the appraisal and let you see for yourself. If any validity is needed, feel free to look up my name online, and reach out to me directly. I'll be VERY happy to show you and let you decide. So, unless you want to risk this if you're selling your home at an incredibly reduced value (realtors, take not of this), or unless you're needing to get your loan done on time, I'd literally pick any other business out there. I can't be sure of those that are better, but I can be sure of this one. I've complained to my loan company about choosing this company, and my hope, is that not only will they discontinue, but this warning will help prevent others from going with this business as well.