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Mike O'Meara
104 Country Rd Suite #102
Georgetown, TX 78626

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Arlenne says:
Can never get him on the phone or to call you back. I have been trying to reach him since Nov 16

Shawn says:
Positive: An appraisal report was produced. Negatives: The appraiser used my loan amount instead of the buying contract amount as his baseline to meet appraisal. This resulted in a a massive under appraisal. Rather than own up to the mistake, he simply corrected the contract amount on the appraisal and left the unfair appraisal amount intact. Measurements also didn't align with the county appraisal district measurements. Surprise! This has resulted in a massive mess for me, so thanks a lot!

David says:
With numerous new homes for sale and sold within my neighborhood from my builder, this guy somehow managed to use a comp for a home just framed, with no upgrades which backs up to a water reclamation facility as one of the comps listed by the builder at $100K less than my home. Can't make it up.

JASON says:
If you need a low ball appraisal with incorrect measurements, this is your guy. My house is a spec home from lennar builders and he appraised it 250 sq ft less. There are several homes on the same street with the same house. This guy was given the original apprasial, All the tax records show the sq ft. He still managed to mess it up, even after being told to go measure again. Good Luck If you get him.