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Wesley Clesi

Wesley E. Clesi

Roseville, CA



Wesley E. Clesi








Wesley Clesi
1525 Mc Mindes Drive
Roseville, CA 95747

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Corey says:
Does not want to do his job, unfortunately I did not get to pick my appraisal person I am VA Disabled Veteran And was going for a refinance and when Wesley arrived I was not impressed and after he went through the motions it even 30 minutes at my home then came back with a low ball on my home and the sq footage stated over 3300 SQFoot public record had a refinance done 2 yers ago and she stated over 3500 sq footage and the original appraisal when we bought the house stated over 3700 square footage and my neighbor with the same exact house public record states over 3500 sq footage and I appealed with the mortgage company and Wesley had to come back to my home and went through the motions again and 12 days later sent an one line email the the mortgage company saying after carefully reviewing the request for a change we found no justification for a change.

John says:
I used this appraiser to value a home and when I changed the loan company they asked for an update and he refused to make any minor updates citing HUD codes. These were minor changes and instead of helping the person that paid for the appraisal he does not want to do any more work. He is not worth it.